Since its conception, Instagram has quickly climbed the ranks and taken its place among the social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. For some social media users, Instagram is all they use now. They have hundreds, even thousands of follows, and are pros at post engagement. For other users online, Instagram is still new and unknown. How does one begin as an Instagram beginner? Fortunately, there are a lot of newer updates to Instagram that make starting out easier than ever.

Think about changing your personal Instagram profile to a business one. Business profiles have access to features like Instagram Insights, post promotion, and a contact button. Business profiles can also add links to their Instagram stories and schedule posts that will publish later at the time chosen by the user, so that their account is always and consistently putting out new content.

Users who want to reach a specific target audience in certain locations have the option of using hashtag and location stickers in their Instagram stories. Instead of an Instagram story only being available to one’s followers, other users can search certain hashtags and locations to find stories that they’re interested in. This gives users the chance to gain more Instagram followers by expanding their audience without too much hassle.

One of the best ways to increase Instagram followers, and the more followers a user has, the more successful they are, is by simply having an attractive profile. One can attract other users all they want, but if a profile isn’t appealing to anyone, no one is going to click that “follow” button. It’s important to make sure to spend time on the look of a profile page. Make sure to take quality photos and publish interesting stories and engaging content.

Also make sure to keep an eye on Instagram Insights. This is the Instagram analytics tool that keeps users up to date with followers, posts, and post engagement. Keeping up with one’s Insights can allow users to form post and content strategies that attract more followers. It’s a little extra work, but for anyone especially serious about succeeding as a major Instagram influencer, it’s worth the effort, and anyone terribly new to Instagram will benefit from taking a look around here and there to get the hang of things.

While taking a strategic approach with these engagement boosting options, remember that there are some basics to follow. Post interesting and colorful content. Don’t obscure a great photograph with a filter. Don’t spam posts with hashtags to rake in viewers. Post often to keep followers engaged, be sure to interact with followers as well, and keep up with Instagram trends in order to always be a part of the popular flow.

The best way to be successful on Instagram is to have fun. While successful profiles often have many Instagram followers, don’t let the number take away from the experience. Enjoying one’s time online is the best way to stay engaged.